Nick Mares


Guelph, ON


Standing behind my camera is a captivating, almost magical feeling. I see photo opportunities in all walks of life. Capturing beauty has become my thrill.
Travelling has exposed me to tastes, sounds and cultures previously unknown to me. Journeys through Europe, United Arab Emirates, North America, South America, and up north to the 60 parallel where is the tree line, have led me to call Canada my home.
In the mid-70s I developed my very first picture which I still remember clearly. A black and white Smena 8 (Russian model) I used back then. This was my first introduction to the aperture, light, shutter speed, ISO and how these combined created art. Such manual photography experience remained my interest even when life took me away from this enjoyment.
The advances and digitalization of photography in combination with more free time after my children have moved out, I have returned to my long lost passion. This time however, awaited me was a manual book to my brand new SLR. I feel that I have conquered the major hurdles of this new machine though I openly welcome the lessons I still learn along the way.
I am most fascinated by nature including the sun, landscape, micro-images of flowers and the general wild life. I also appreciate the weather and all its characteristics. Historic sites and architectures are known to capture my eyes when the moment is right.

I wish to share my art with others who find beauty in the still images I create. Therefore, your feedback on my art work is always welcome.

All images are copyright, they may not be copied, printed, re-distributed or used, whole or in part, without my permission.

If you have custom order or if you wish to purchase or use my work please email me.


Dubai by Nick Mares


Shisha in the sunset by Nick Mares


Arabian desert by Nick Mares


Dubai-burj khalifa 828 m by Nick Mares


Rolls-Royce and Dubai by Nick Mares


KLM over Dubai by Nick Mares


canadian winter on the rails by Nick Mares


Emirates airbus 380 in action by Nick Mares


sunset in the Dubai desert by Nick Mares


Aerial view of the Persian Gulf by Nick Mares


maintenance of the railways plow by Nick Mares


Harsh winter on the rails by Nick Mares


Powerful Train plow by Nick Mares


Morning drama in the sky by Nick Mares


Canadian farm land by Nick Mares


The city bike point in new york by Nick Mares


kaleidoscope of colors by Nick Mares


The most precious light on Earth by Nick Mares


Tall ship in the lights of Toronto by Nick Mares


Tall ship in the lights of Toronto by Nick Mares


The magic of the fall by Nick Mares


Niagara Falls USA side by Nick Mares


Niagara Falls Canadian side by Nick Mares


Native longhouse by Nick Mares


Parliament of Canada by Nick Mares


New York Metropolitan by Nick Mares


New York and New Jersey by Nick Mares


new york metropolitan underground transportation by Nick Mares


The oldest and Youngest New York landmark by Nick Mares


The magic of morning light by Nick Mares


Blue and white lavender by Nick Mares


The new generation by Nick Mares


White lavender by Nick Mares


Lavender farm by Nick Mares


American Robin feeding by Nick Mares


Airshow by Nick Mares


Teamwork by Nick Mares


Team work at perfection by Nick Mares


Guelph Ontario Canada Sleeman Brewery at night by Nick Mares


hernders estate wines by Nick Mares


Niagara wine by Nick Mares


wine estate ontario by Nick Mares


Cherry tree flowers by Nick Mares


junk car by Nick Mares


brake airlines by Nick Mares


Crocus in the snow by Nick Mares


Native drum by Nick Mares


Native Dancer by Nick Mares